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When it comes to investing in technology for your boat, the necessities must come first. However, once you are ready to treat yourself to some modern entertainment for your next fishing trip, stereos and speakers should be your very first port of call. Spending hour after hour on the lake fishing and enjoying time with friends is extremely rewarding, however, it can be enhanced even further with the right soundtrack.

Music is one of the most popular pastimes in the world for a reason; it has the potential to calm you, excite you, move you, and entertain you. With your line drawn and your ears open to your favourite tunes, there are few more worthwhile hobbies than fishing. Even if you are just out on a leisurely cruise or having a party with friends, stereos and speakers are essential in order to bring the rhythm. However, when it comes to purchasing a stereo and speakers for your next trip, you must ensure that they are compatible with both your boat and the impending conditions. If you are looking for one of the leading brands in marine speakers, then look no further than Fusion.

Fusion Marine Entertainment Systems

Fusion was founded in New Zealand back in 1998 and has grown to become one of the leading producers of audio equipment, including stereos, speakers, and accessories that are designed specifically for boating. The company excels at innovative thinking, product development, and quality deliveries, with a clear passion for marine activity. Not only are Fusion speakers, stereos, and other sound system products weatherproof, but they are also efficient, reliable, and produce a crystal clear sound.

Everything you need! The Fusion Marine Speakers as they are the major product line is designed to blend in with modern boat designs, with easy installation and affordable prices. If it is speakers you are looking for, we at Mr Boats recommend the Fusion FM series, Fusion SM series, the Fusion Sports Marine Speakers, and the Fusion 6-inch Marine Speakers. If you are looking to team this up with a stereo purchase, then look no further than the Fusion RA55, Fusion RA70, and Fusion Apollo series.

Not only this, but Mr Boats currently stocks a wide variety of stereo and speaker accessories from the wonderful minds of Fusion, including dust covers, Fusion wireless remotes, and more. These products are just one click away! For the very best Fusion audio in Australia, check out our current product range today.