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The Best VHF Marine Radios in Australia

Whenever you’re venturing out in your boat or craft, safety should always be your number-one priority, outranking what is often seen as the ultimate objective: reeling in the catch of the day. When it comes to safety, your VHF marine radio—whether handheld or built-in—is an essential piece of equipment, regardless of whether you are boating on a lake, river or ocean. So, if your vessel is lacking this critical piece of safety equipment, it’s high tide to invest in one. But which one should you pick?

How to Buy a VHF Marine Radio?

Not to be confused with a marine stereo, a VHF marine radio is a radio for your boat that utilises the frequencies between 156 and 174 MHz. And if you’re wondering what ‘VHF’ stands for, it’s relatively easy to remember: ‘very high frequency’. Whether you’re navigating a ship, a small seabound craft, or even a craft for a river or a lake, you should ensure your vessel has a VHF radio.

This is important for a few reasons. First and foremost, you’ll need such a radio to contact the local rescue services should you find yourself in trouble. Secondly, they can make your day-to-day life a lot easier. Practical applications include using it to contact the lochs, harbours, marinas and bridges between you and your fishing spot. When buying your VHF marine radio, pay attention to the frequency your model facilitates. Different models facilitate different frequencies, so ensure to choose wisely.

Other Electronic Electronics for You To Try

Now we’ve got the safety stuff out of the way, it’s time to spruik some of the more fun marine electronics. If you want a soundtrack behind your fishing or boating adventure, boat speakers will be the perfect addition to your vessel. Bluetooth-compatible and waterproof, you can crank your favourite tunes—or chill out to the dulcet tones of your favourite audiobook, podcast or radio show—minus the fear of losing your marine electronics to water damage.

Finally, the perfect pairing to any set of speakers is a marine stereo. While speakers will facilitate the sound, the stereo is often what brings about the sound in the first place. Bring your favourite CD on board or pair the stereo with your device, thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility.

Shop Handheld VHF Marine Radios & More With Mr Boats

At Mr Boats, we stock some of the best and most reliable VHF marine radios in Australia, as well as marine battery boxes to go with them. Find your favourite and check out some of our popular brands, including Garmin, GME, Lowrance and Uniden, to name a few. Of course, if you need a hand finding your perfect model, you can always give our expert staff the old ‘ahoy-hoy’. Get yourself a handheld VHF marine radio today!

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