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When it comes to venturing out in your boat or craft, the number one priority should always be safety, even above reeling in the catch of the day. When it comes to safety, your marine VHF radio is an essential piece of kit, no matter whether you are setting sail on a lake, river, or ocean. The term marine VHF radio refers to a boat radio that utilises the frequencies between 156 and 174 MHz, with the VHF standing for Very High Frequency.


The vast majority of ships, small crafts preparing to go out to sea, and even river and lake crafts, are fitted with marine VHF radios for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, these radio scan be used to contact the local rescue services if you find yourself in some trouble. However, they also have practical uses for day-to-day fishing, such as contacting the locks, harbours, marinas, and bridges between you are your fishing spot. We currently stock some of the best and most reliable VHF radios in Australia, as well as marine battery boxes to go with them. Check out our popular brands from Garmin, GME, Lowrance, Uniden and more.


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