Garmin Marine Products

Garmin Marine Products

Let’s be honest, the fun and the thrill of fishing comes in the catch itself. No one wants to be sat out on a freezing cold Sunday morning without a single fish to show for their day’s work. Therefore, it is important to give yourself the best possible chance to thrive by locating a spot that is guaranteed to be swimming in potential catches.

Luckily for you, modern technology makes this a reality. Fishfinders are specifically designed to ensure that your chances of reeling in catch after catch are increased. The gadgets send pulses into the water, bouncing off of the fish below and relaying the picture back to your screen based on the echoes. This paints a picture of what is happening below the surface of the water, meaning you can position yourself in the ideal location.

Buy Garmin Fishfinders Online

As one of the leading Fishfinder brands, Garmin is an ideal choice for your next fishing investment. When searching for your Garmin Fishfinder, we recommend the Garmin Striker Plus 5CV, Garmin Striker 4, Garmin Striker Plus 4, Garmin Striker 7SV, Garmin Striker Plus 4CV, and the Garmin Striker Plus 9SV. One of the main advantages to the Garmin handheld GPS product range stocked on Mr Boats is the wide variety of choice in pricing. Not only this, but Mr Boats stocks a vast array of different power leads, spare transducers, sun dust covers mounts and adapters for your Garmin Fishfinder, just in case your original breaks or goes missing.

Mr Boats also has an extensive range of Garmin VHF marine radios, perfect for use out on the water during long fishing trips, including the Garmin VHF115i DSC, Garmin VHF 215i GPS, and the Garmin VHF 210i DSC.

Not only this, but Mr Boats also stocks a variety of products from the Garmin Echomap range and Garmin marine chartplotters units, as well as Garmin force trolling motors, chartplotter mapping GPS devices, mounts, Fishfinder cases, and everything else you could need for your next fishing trip!

For the very best Garmin handheld GPS, marine GPS chartplotter combo, Garmin fish finder, and more, browse the selection at Mr Boats today!