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The Global Positioning System or GPS was designed to determine accurate geographical locations first by the military, and eventually civilians. It is a navigation system that makes use of satellite technology to determine location, velocity, and time synchronisation for land, air, and sea travel. Over the years, GPS has become an essential part of our everyday lives and is typically found on smartphones, handheld devices and more. It can be used in many ways to make our lives easier.

Handheld GPS units, in particular, are essential for travelling by water. These devices will help you pinpoint your exact location. This is most crucial during an event or emergency where your safety is compromised, such as storms and tsunamis. These devices also help seafarers guide their boats not just in coastal areas but also long distances out at sea. Some of them even have a fish finder feature that helps fishermen locate fish under the sea.

How does GPS Work?

The satellites orbiting the earth send high frequency, low power signals every 12 hours. By scheduling signals sent by these satellites, your GPS receiver allows you to determine your location to an accuracy within 6 metres, 95% of the time, and within the altitude of approximately 10 metres. Your GPS device will then locate either three satellites to calculate a two-dimensional position or four satellites to develop three-dimensional information for you.

Garmin, The Leader in GPS Technology

At Mr Boats, we understand how important GPS is for your safety out on the water. That’s why we only stock GPS products from trusted brands, like Garmin. Garmin has been the leader in the hand held GPS market for many years. They have been committed to delivering reliable GPS solutions for marine, automotive, aviation, and other outdoor use. No one can deny it, they produce some of the best hand held GPS products for marine use.

How to Choose a Hand held GPS

Choosing a hand held GPS device for the first time can be daunting. Knowing your navigational needs beforehand will help make it easier though. How do you intend to use it? Will it be used mainly for navigation or chart plotting? Do you also plan to use it for other activities such as hiking, fishing or driving? Apart from pinpointing your location and basic navigation, GPS models offer various combination features. The following list will help you decide which features you’ll need for your hand held GPS unit.


Do you prefer portability or a larger screen display? Our hand held GPS trackers vary in sizes: we have units as small as a phone and larger units with easy-to-read display screens. It should all depend on your ease of use.


Where do you plan to use your GPS? Each hand held model offers different mounting accessories, so think about the ideal placement for your unit. It’s always ideal placing your unit securely near the pilot for ease of use. If you’ll be using it under a roof, we also recommend an external antenna for better reception.


All handheld GPS devices can display your position and basic navigation information, but for maritime use, hand held GPS units with mapping capabilities offer more convenience. These trackers are equipped with a standard basemap that displays shorelines, rivers, lakes, cities and highways. You can also download additional map data on your device for more detailed marine navigational information.

Extra Features

We have a range of GPS units that provide unique features that are beneficial for boating. You may consider getting fishing charts and sunrise/sunset tables. You may need features such as electronic compasses to read your precise altitude and barometric altimeters to track weather patterns. Long battery life is also an important feature for your safety and even the buoyancy of your unit if you’re concerned about losing it in the water.

Ease of Use

You may consider this factor less important but if you can’t use your GPS unit efficiently, then all those fancy features you have are worthless. Luckily, Garmin GPS units are user friendly. Our handheld units feature a menu-driven operation that makes it intuitive and easier to navigate.

Are you looking for handheld GPS units for sale? We have a range of handheld trackers perfect for your boating adventures! We also carry boat accessories, Lowrance fishfinders, LED boat lights, and more.

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