Boat & Motor packages

Fun & Adventure in One Easy Package

Make a splash with one of our amazing inflatable boats with motors. At Mr Boats, we’re all about celebrating good times on the water, and you can do just that with our awesome inflatable boat and motor packages, ready to be delivered straight to your door.

Perfect for Weekends & Holidays

From boating pros to novices, everyone loves our blow-up boats with motors. They’re perfect for travelling from shore to your larger boat, or as the main event themselves for a day of fishing or tubing. Super lightweight and convenient, once the day is done, you can deflate the boat and pack it away until next time. Plus, you won’t be left with a big heavy outboard motor — we choose top-quality small, light outboards, which you can easily pop into the boot of your car without pulling a muscle. Not to mention, we’ll deliver your brand new boat package direct to your door!

Made for Years of Enjoyment

Our inflatable boats are designed to last you summer after summer, whether you’re hitting the beach, lake or creek. Manufactured by our sister company, Island Inflatables, these boats are the result of extensive research and product testing. All our inflatable boats with motors for sale are made from heavy-duty PVC for improved durability, so you don’t have to worry about punctures. Similarly, they come equipped with heavy-duty tow rings and large, reinforced mounting patches.

Along with durability, we want to make getting out on the water as easy and as comfortable as possible. That’s why our boats are fitted with oversized out tubes. They make for a smoother, drier ride for those days when you aren’t looking to take a dip. Additionally, we’ve carefully considered the placement of grab ropes and carry handles. The grab rope sits on the side of the tube, rather than the top, so it isn’t in your way as you kick back and relax. To make it easier for solo sailors, we’ve positioned the carry handles to the inside of the rear tubes. You can easily grab them and carry the boat yourself without overstretching or needing to deflate the boat.

When it comes to the motor, you can expect high fuel efficiency, along with smoother and quieter rides. With simple and convenient controls, even if it’s your first time piloting a boat, you’ll know the ropes fast. Then all that’s left to do is plan your exciting day on the water!

More Fun for Less Money

With such considerate design, we’re confident saying that our inflatable boats with motors are the best. But it’s not just the amazing quality of our boats and motors for sale that put our packages at the top of everyone’s wish list. It’s the amazing affordability!

Whether you’re looking to make the most of a tropical getaway or just take advantage of your local waterways, with a package from Mr Boats, you can do it now. Our packages are extremely competitively priced, offering top-tier convenience, quality and adventure at a price point everyone can afford. Plus, we can deliver them right to your doorstep!

Expertise in Marine Accessories

When you purchase a small inflatable boat with a motor from Mr Boats, you’re not just getting an extraordinary product. You’re also getting access to Mr Boats’ wealth of boating knowledge and the answers to any questions you may have. Our team is always keen to ensure that you have the right products for your needs — we’ll never upsell you on something that won’t give you the experience you’re after.

Get Out on the Water This Weekend!

You won’t find a better deal on inflatable boats with motors than at Mr Boats. Stock up on sunscreen and grab your sunnies, it’s time to hit the water. Shop our incredible range today.

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