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Nav lights in the marine industry are always connected with protection and safety. The law even mandates specification and requirements of boat lights. For boat owners who are the best navigation lights for your boat, remember that the perfect light for your boat is for compliance with the law and your safety, other people, and boats around yours. By using boat lights, you can prevent accidents and collisions. If you are looking for boat navigation lights, Mr Boats is here to help you out. We have a wide range of navigation lights and underwater boat lights that can suit every boat type. We also carry boat trailer lights, 12v led boat interior lights and stainless steel navigation lights.

Marine Navigation Lights Buying Guide

When buying the appropriate boat nav lights, here are the factors you should consider.


LED navigation lights are the most commonly used lights in boats these days as it's an energy saver while providing good illumination. The most crucial feature that you should consider in navigation lights is their high visibility as they are your medium of communication in waters. LED boat navigation lights can provide the extreme brightness you'll need. Boat lights are usually white, green, and red. These colours are the signs of your boat's body and the direction of its travel.


Boat lights, especially underwater led boat lights are exposed to water and different kinds of weather conditions. This is why covering is a crucial factor. Make sure that you buy one that's waterproof, dustproof, non-corrosive, rust-free, and not easily tainted. A reliable casing is a sturdy and durable boat light. Since your boat lights will be protected from any outside element, it can last longer and won't start any short circuit that would cause danger.


Installation of boat lights should be easy since adhesion and screws are not complicated to apply. Wires used for the navigation lights you buy should be made after the wiring code for safe use. Make sure to check all the wirings before installing your boat nav lights.


When buying navigation lights, make sure that they will fit well on your boat's light fixture. You should also check if it follows the marine rules in your state or country. Be thorough in examining the lights' shielding arrangements, ensuring that it shines in the right direction. No overlapping of lights should come from a combination of lights.

LED globes don't produce heat temperature like the older style festoon globes still available at some stores today. The older festoon globes were known to get hot, then seawater would splash on the navigation light causing the globe the festoon globe to cool quickly and blow. This will never happen with LED navigation lights not to mention the saving in power usage.

Boat Navigation Lights For Sale at Mr Boats

We only sell high-quality marine navigation lights that have been tested for extreme weather conditions, leaving you with the most reliable products on the market. If you are looking for navigation lights for sale, 12v led lights for boat and navigation light kit, Mr Boats is here for you. Check out our range of marine speakers in Australia, including our marine speakers, boat electronics, outboard motors for sale, inflatable life jackets and boat accessories.

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