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When it comes to all the different board outboard motors for sale, choosing the right type for your needs is very crucial. The weight of the engine and its horsepower will have an impact on the performance of your boat. That’s why you need to match the correct size and pitch for the propeller, as this will enable your boat and boat motor to achieve its maximum performance.

At Mr Boats, we get how important that speed is when you hit the water. There’s nothing better than the feeling of a responsive joystick and the spray in your face. We have a variety of boat motors available. From electric outboard motors and outboard motor parts, to outboard skeg guards, we’ve got it all.

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In the past, outboard motors were usually conventional two-stroke engines. Modern manufacturers have since changed to environmentally friendly, low-emission motors that include direct fuel injection (DFI) in two-stroke and four-stroke designs.

The conventional two-stroke outboard motors require oil to be mixed with the gasoline to lubricate the engine, and the DFI two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines need the oil and gasoline to be separate. Not sure which motor or boat accessories are for you? Call us and have a chat. If you’re looking for the best outboard motor for an inflatable boat, you’ve come to the right place.

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Servicing everyone from total novices to seasoned sailors, Mr Boats is your one-stop shop for marine supplies. We’re proud to boast a massive selection of boat parts, making sure we always have what you need to repair or upgrade your vessel. Shop online and get your essentials shipped right to your door. From inflatable boats for sale to a handheld GPS, we have everything: big or small.

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Here at Mr. Boats, we only want the best for our customers. That’s why all our products are from trusted brands and manufacturers. We only carry products that are authentic and can fit any budget. Mr. Boats is a Sydney-based, family-run business with over 100 years of combined experience.

Rest assured, we know our stuff, as our staff includes qualified marine mechanics and marine electricians. So we’ll be able to not only point you in the right direction but also advise on any minor installations. All products we sell have been personally tested before they hit our shelves. If you’re not sure what product would suit your situation the best, jump on the phone or email to get in touch with us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

We love to hear from our customers! Slop on some sunscreen, dig out the marine stereo, and take a day off — it’s time to spend a day on the water.

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