Boat Steering

Our Range of Boat Steering Equipment

Dedicated boaters know that high-quality steering equipment is necessary for a smooth, safe and carefree boat ride. Luckily, all the very best boating equipment can be found at Mr Boats’ online store. We stock a broad range of steering kits, wheels and cables so that you can equip your boat with the most effective steering system possible.

At Mr Boats, we understand that different boats require different accessories. Whether you have a preference for a boat with hydraulic steering or morse steering, you deserve equipment that perfectly complements your vessel. This is why we strive to provide our customers with the widest variety of stock available.

We offer multiple lengths of boat steering cables, as well as cables that are made specifically to fit Teleflex, Multiflex, Nautflex and Ultraflex steering systems.

If you’re looking for the perfect steering wheel for your boat, we also have a number of sturdy and easy-to-manoeuvre options. With several makes available on our website, you can choose from steering wheels made of stainless steel, ABS and aluminium alloy.

We also have stainless steel steering tie bars, which are easily adjustable both before and after installation.

Another fantastic option is our boat steering kits, which include everything you need for a solid steering system. Available in an assortment of varieties, just one of our boat steering kits will include a wheel, cable and helm. The items from these kits are quick and simple to assemble, with compact rotary helms that fit seamlessly behind the dash.

Other Equipment and Accessories on Offer

Our exceptional range of boating equipment does not end with steering systems. While our collection of boating accessories, for example, might not be as fundamental to your boat as a steering wheel and helm, these items will totally transform your boating experience. Our state-of-the-art fishfinders and marine stereos will make your day that much more relaxing and enjoyable.

As passionate boaters ourselves, we also know that life jackets, inflatable boats and an emergency beacon radio will work wonders for putting your mind at ease. Mr Boats can even provide a range of navigation lights and switches, which can be easily installed for maximum safety.

If you’re in need of boat anchors, choose from our selection of grapnel, shackle, drum winch, four-pronged, sea and sand styles to find your ideal solution.

Functional and surprisingly stylish, you can also explore our variety of boat gauges. Our waterproof and scratch-resistant trim gauges and ammeter are not only extremely useful, but an easy way to modernise your dashboard.

Why Choose Mr Boats?

At Mr Boats, we are proud to represent incredible brands such as Garmin, Fusion, Axis, and Burke in our supply of high-quality boating equipment. As avid boaters ourselves, giving our customers the greatest chance at a safe, successful boating trip is our priority. This mantra is what motivates us to provide exceptional customer service, and deliver durable products to Aussie boaters at affordable prices. Browse our online store today for a better boating experience tomorrow!

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