Marine Chartplotters - Leading Brands Lowrance, Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad

When it comes to navigating out on the water, you have to be aware of both what is above and below the surface to keep your craft safe. A Chartplotter combines GPS technology with electronic charts and maps, meaning that boat owners can monitor their position in the water, as well as the surrounding environment above and below. Not only does this allow you to navigate across the seas and lakes of your choice with ease, but it also prevents you from colliding with submerged islands and rocks. Connect your chartplotter online to work in real time, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are working off accurate data as you cruise the open water.

GPS Chartplotters are also handy tools when it comes to navigating yourself towards the very best fishing spots with pinpoint accuracy. Each route inputted includes a number of waypoints for you to meet along the way. If you stray from one of these waypoints, the chartplotter will inform you of the fact and nudge you back on course. In recent years, these have become essential pieces of kit for any serious fisherman, with simple SD cards capable of storing huge amounts of data, charts, and maps. Mr Boats stock Navionics Chartplotter. Check out some of our very best GPS plotters today!