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Fishfinder Transducers & Accessories

Need some assistance finding fish? With Fishfinder transducers and accessories, you can spruce up your boat and speed up the process. At Mr Boats, we have a range of transducers, as well as other accessories for your vessel. So, whether you want to track down fish using the latest in GPS technology or equip your boat with waterproof marine speakers, you needn’t look further than Mr Boats’ collection online.

Find Fish 21st-Century Style

Within the beating heart and soul of your Fishfinder device is a top-of-the-range transducer. In truth, your fishfinder is only as good as its transducer within. A sonar transducer is designed to turn electrical pulses into sound and vice versa, allowing the fishfinder to interpret and display exactly what is going on below the surface of the water.

The transducer can navigate you to fishing hotspots, as well as the biggest fish nearby. So, it is vitally important to buy a reliable and effective transducer to get the best out of your fishfinder system.

Speaker & Radio Accessories Make for a Sound Experience

Among our collection of transducers, you’ll also find accessories for your marine radio or other on-boat audio technology. Whether you want to mount marine speakers to the walls or set up your perfect radio handset, you’ll find the accessories you need to set up your entertainment or communication system on board.

A marine radio is a critical piece of safety equipment that is essential for making contact with your local rescue service during an emergency. On the other hand, marine speakers and subwoofers are ideal for getting the party started with your favourite playlist or kicking back with your favourite podcast, audiobook or radio station.

Find FishFinder Transducers & Accessories With Mr Boats

At Mr Boats, we stock the finest transducers and accessories in Australia, ranging from thru-hull, in-hull, and transom mount transducers to Downscan and ForwardScan transducers. We also have a range of accessories to bolster your waterproof speakers and marine radio. The better your transducer, the wider, deeper and more accurate your fishfinder data will be. This will be key to reaching those top-tier fishing locations before any of your rivals. In particular, you should check out our three leading brands: Garmin, Lowrance and Raymarine.

Check out our transducer stocks online today and feel free to reach out with any questions that you may have.

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