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The Best Boat Gauges & Boat Sensors

If you’re after quality boat gauge and sensor technology, you’ve come to the right place. Mr Boats stocks the best boat accessories on the market, including speed, ampere, boat trim, fuel, rudder angle, water temperature and GPS gauges. From sensors and meters to senders and pitot tubes, we have everything you need to monitor your speed—or, for that matter, anything going on in or around your boat. With almost 100 different products from which to choose, you’re sure to find what you need in our online collection.

Which Boat Gauges & Sensors Do What?

As even a boating novice would know, when you’re driving an ocean craft, you need to monitor many or all variables—from what’s going on inside the boat to external factors beyond your control. That’s why boat gauges and sensors are so important. Amperage meters, which read the amount of amps that flow through the main charging wire, will tell you the rate at which you’re charging your boat battery or losing battery life. Voltmeters will also give you a simplified reading of your battery life, which you can check at a glance.

Obviously, if you drive an electric or even hybrid vessel, these battery-life-saving gauges will be every bit as important as our fuel gauges will be to boats that run on petrol. While we’re on the topic of movement-inducing liquid, we also stock oil pressure gauges, which will keep you in the loop about whether your boat’s internal workings are as sleek as they can be.

Finally, you’ll want to know where your boat is in space and how to enter rough patches at the right angle so that you can resist trying conditions and reduce stress on the motor. These cases call for boat trim and rudder angle gauges. Of course, if you want a less detailed yet global perspective of your boat’s positioning (or where it could go from here), we have a wealth of GPS gauges available, too.

What Our Boat Gauges & Boat Sensors Look Like?

At Mr Boats, we’re renowned for stocking all kinds of boat parts for all situations imaginable. Not only do we deliver the goods for all boat functions and predicaments, but we also provide options. As you browse our collection of boat gauge and sensor technology, you’ll notice that there’s never just one kind of boat part. There’s often an option for a black or white gauge—or a black or chrome bezel—which will allow you to take your top aesthetic pick. Keep your eyes peeled for gold bezels, too: rarer treasures buried between the more common colours. They’re a less common find but sure to bring a touch of bling to your dashboard!

As a company that tends to tailor to the modern sailor, you’ll notice that we invest more in boat electronics than we do in ye olde-fashioned solutions. For this reason, we have a range of digital gauges available. That said, we respect the traditional speedometer setup where the gauge reads more like an analogue clock. Our collection of boat gauge and sensor technology is the ideal blend of classic and new accessories for your vessel.

Get the Boat Gauges & Boat Sensors You Need

Boasting a collection of boat accessories stretching beyond the bounteous sea line, Mr Boats knows what you need to maintain a smooth ride on the water. From monitoring speed, fuel and voltage to physical positioning and water temperature, you’ll have a read on the water like no other voyager. Choose from almost 100 different gauges and sensors and set your boat up for any situation. You’ll be spoilt for choice when you shop at Mr Boats!

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