Life Jackets

If you're into fishing, watersports, or just enjoy going on a boat ride, you need to invest in the perfect life jacket for your activity. Life jackets, also known as Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) or life vests, are an essential safety tool for anyone going out onto the water. So, if you are looking for life jackets for sale, you've come to the right place! Mr Boats has a wide range of life vests suitable for everyone and all kinds of water activities. We have all sizes, from kids life jackets to the largest adult life jackets available. So feel free to browse our PFD collection now!

A Guide to Picking the Right Life Jacket

Not all inflatable life jackets are created equal. Some provide greater buoyancy, while some are more suitable for near-the-shore activities. Your life jacket should have a buoyancy that matches your location and the kind of water activities you're planning to do. Currently, life jackets are available in four different buoyancy levels: Level 150, Level 100, Level 50, and Level 50S. Here's an easy guide to help you shop for the right PFDs for you.

Type 3 - Level 50S PFD

Type 3 - Level 50S life jackets are only allowed in smooth waters, such as rivers, lakes, creeks, and streams within half a nautical mile from land. They are typically used for wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing to help you stay afloat when you fall in the water.

Type 2 - Level 50 PFD (The Near-Shore Buoyancy Vest)

Type 2 PFDs with a Level 50 buoyancy are also only to be used in smooth waters. However, they are more visible than the Type 3 - Level 50S life jackets. This can make it easier to spot a person if they have fallen in the water.

Type 1 - Level 100 PFD (The Traditional Life Jacket)

These life jackets are designed with a higher level of safety in mind and are suitable to be worn in all water conditions, including the open sea. This life jacket is equipped with a collar to keep your head above water even when unconscious. This is the ideal PFD to use for any fishing vessel. Level 100 and above should not be used for water activities, including wakeboarding, tubing, and water skiing. This is because they are considered not suitable if you are going to be hitting the water at speed.

Type 1 - Level 150 PFD (Offshore Inflatable Jacket)

This life jacket is designed for offshore water activities, such as boating and fishing in the open ocean. It has the highest level of buoyancy, keeping you afloat more easily than your typical life jacket. They are designed to turn you on to your back to make it easier to breathe. Depending on the life vest, they may also come with additional safety features like lights and whistles.

You Need A Life Jacket More Than You Think

You might be a good swimmer and physically fit, but you still can't deny the importance of life jackets! No matter how strong you are at swimming, you might react differently in a life-threatening situation. You may panic or become disorientated. So when you get thrown in the water, your body might not respond as you expect. In fact, studies have shown about two-thirds of people who have drowned were considered good swimmers but skipped wearing life jackets. Do not risk your life in the water. It's not worth it! Buy a life jacket before you hop into the water.

Invest in Your Safety

Your safety should be your biggest consideration in preparing for your next adventure. That's why we at Mr Boats supply the right tools and equipment for any water activity. All our products are made to the highest standards and come from trusted brands and manufacturers. Just take a look at the superior quality of our Burke inflatable life jackets! So invest in your safety today, and buy a life jacket from Mr Boats now!

We also stock safety boating equipment and emergency beacons. Check out our range of PFDs and more today, so you can have a safe and fun time on the water.

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