GME Marine Radios and VHF Accessories

GME Marine Radios and VHF Accessories – Mr Boats 

When looking for some of the most reliable and efficient radios EPRIB PLB (personal locating beacons) on the market, GME is one of the leading brands for a reason. GME was founded back in 1959 and has spent over half a century learning and developing in the radio sector. Today, they are one of the leading brands in Australia, priding themselves of reliable, affordable, and efficient radios, perfect for boating and fishing activity of all kinds.

Of course, many fishing enthusiasts like to go above and beyond to reel in the perfect catch, however, safety should always be the number one priority. When it comes to safety, a GME marine radio is one of the most essential gadgets on the market, no matter where you are fishing. These GME radios often come in two main varieties, GME VHF radio and GME UHF radio. The GME VHF marine radio, or very high-frequency radios, refer to those that utilise the frequencies between 156 and 174 MHz. Meanwhile, GME UHF, or ultra-high frequency, radios refer to those that utilise the frequencies between 156 MHz and 3 GHz.

The vast majority of vessels, whether that be a small craft, river board, or large ship, are fitted with 27 meg or VHF radios, each of which boasts a variety of uses when it comes to fishing. Primarily, a functional radio allows you to have constant communication with the local rescue services, should you need them. The dangers of the water should never be overlooked and it is imperative that you are able to call for help at an instant should the worst become reality.

Marine radios also have day-to-day functional uses, making them a smart investment for your fishing kit. These uses include contacting the local locks, harbours, bridges, and marinas during your travels. They can also be used to communicate between different boats if your party spans across more than one vessel. At Mr Boats, we recommend looking for the GME GR300 AM FM Marine Radio, GME GR350BTB AM FM Marine Radio, GME GR350BTW AM FM Marine Radio, GME GX400 Marine Radio, or the GME GX700B Marine Radio.

In both the commercial marine and recreational environments GME EPIRBs are an essential safety device they are often the only means to alert rescue authorities in a life-threatening situation.  So it is absolutely critical that before heading out for a day's fishing or extended voyage you check that this indispensable piece of life-saving equipment is in good working order. 

The current Mr Boats GME range also includes a wide variety of GME marine speakers, GME EPIRB, GME marine stereos, portable cigarette chargers, brackets, TV antennas, mounting kits, locating beacons, and more. For the very best GME radios and GME handhelds, browse the Mr Boats range today.