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The days of pushing an old rowing boat out on a lake and guessing your way around with a flimsy wooden fishing rod are gone. You no longer have to rely on tips from friends and fellow fisherman when it comes to sourcing the best locations for your day’s fishing. In this modern day and age, technological advances have spread to the fishing sector, making it far easier to achieve that prize catch than ever before.

GPS Fish Finder Range Online

One of the most popular pieces of fish tech on the market right now is the Fish Finder or Fish Finder GPS, giving you the lowdown on the very best spots in real time. These gadgets send pulses of sound into the water, before relaying a picture from below the surface using the recorded echoes. This allows the Fish Finder to paint a picture of exactly what is happening in the water below your boat, including whether there are any fish nearby, how big they are, and how many there are. Not only this, but these Fishfinders are easy to operate and simple to set up, as well as being completely portable and able to fit right in your pocket. When it comes to sourcing the best Fishfinders in Australia, look no further than Mr Boats, a company dedicated to enhancing your fishing experience without breaking the bank. For the best portable Fish Finders including our large range of Garmin Fish Finders, browse the Mr Boats collection today.