The Future of Outboard Motors

Looking for an electric outboard motor with kick? Then check out our range of Torqeedo electric motors. Designed using innovative technology, a Torqeedo motor is perfect for use with a range of boats, including inflatables, for all sorts of water-based fun.

Whisper Quiet But Full of Grunt

Your favourite 3HP motor has been surpassed by this new breed of electric motor. Lightweight, quiet, and greener and cleaner, the Torqeedo Travel 1103C electric outboard is all about efficiency, durability and making getting out on the water easier. Offering 1100W of power — the most of any 3HP electric outboard currently on the market — and more than an hour of run-time with full, non-stop throttle, this motor has the oomph to keep going all day.

At Mr Boats, we love the Torqeedo electric outboards so much, we’ve incorporated the Torqeedo Travel 1103C into our awesome selection of boat and motor packages. Whether you’re looking for a tender boat or something for an action-packed holiday, you’ll get the perfect package when you pick one with a Torqeedo outboard.

Futuristic Functionality

Torqeedo are the world leaders in electric outboard motors, so you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that their outboards come with high-tech bells and whistles. For starters, the lithium-ion battery is designed for high performance and has a built-in battery management system with hardware backups to ensure safety functions will always work.

Then, for improved convenience, you can add a remote throttle so you can operate from the helm rather than the tiller. You can also keep track of the motor’s charge status and range using the attached computer. Alternatively, you can download compatible apps to get important motor and battery readouts on your smartphone.

Quality Without the Pricetag

At Mr Boats, we believe that top-quality, sustainable boating equipment shouldn’t just be for those with bigger wallets. In fact, you won’t find Torqeedo outboards for sale at better prices than here. A Torqeedo outboard motor is the best choice for old and new boaters alike.

As a lightweight and compact option, it can be easily stored in your car boot or garage and brought out whenever the urge takes you to head out on the water. Plus, as it is fully battery powered, you won’t have to worry about stopping by the servo to top it up. Just check the built-in computer for its range status and charge remaining, and charge up as needed.

Shop Torqeedo in Australia Today

Speed into the future with a Torqeedo motor at the best price from Mr Boats. Pair it with one of our inflatable boats for countless fun marine adventures with friends and family.

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