ECMS GPS Speedometers

Enjoy Excellence & Precision From ECMS Boat Trim Gauges & More

ECMS specialises in innovating and optimising gauges and sensors, including digital hour meters, GPS, speedometers and other boat accessories. So whether you have a small pleasure yacht or a gigantic ocean vessel, you can rely on ECMS for outstanding performance and precision.

The ECMS Guarantee

The ECMS range of digital GPS, speedometers, voltmeters, ampere meters and more have been proven effective across marine conditions, thanks to their overall water resistance and glass crystals that enable extended marine environment exposure.

All ECMS products, from boat trim gauges to fuel gauge senders, have also been designed with convenience and ease of use in mind. That’s why you’ll find many of their digital meters are backlit to ensure easy reading, whether the sun is high or you’re traveling by moonlight. Additionally, their products are cleverly designed, such as the ECMS fuel gauge sender range, which has no mechanical moving parts to ensure an accurate tank level reading for years to come.

Explore the ECMS Range at Mr Boats

When you’re looking for boat gauges and sensors, the only place is Mr Boats. With our huge selection of ECMS products, you’ll find exactly what you need no matter your marine adventure.

ECMS Fuel Gauge Senders

Used for accurately detecting the liquid levels in tanks, ECMS fuel gauge senders can be used for monitoring your levels of fuel while out on the water. Made from strong, water-resistant stainless steel, these fuel gauge senders are designed to last.

ECMS GPS & Speedometers

Embrace the ingenuity of digital GPS from ECMs with their multifunction models. You can accurately assess your boat’s speed with this GPS and speedometer combination, even at lower speeds where older style gauges could not.

ECMS Digital Gauges, Hour Meters & More

Keep track of all critical information regarding your boat with the ECMS range of gauges. An ECMS boat trim gauge allows you to monitor your boat’s trim levels to avoid damage to your propeller, while their digital hour meters accurately record engine usage time to help you keep on top of any required maintenance. There are also ECMS ampere meters and voltmeters so you can easily track your battery’s output and more.

Ensure Accurate Marine Instrument Readings With Mr Boats

Come aboard for a successful trip or day out with the ECMS gauge range! Keep track of key information, from fuel to battery life, with gauges and more from one of the best marine instrument brands available now at Mr Boats. Shop our ECMS collection now!

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