Outboard propeller guards are a smart and safe idea. But until now they have been extremely expensive because you needed to get them custom made to suit your outboard. NOT ANYMORE...

We have a complete range of plastic molded outboard propeller guards to suit 9.9hp right up to 100hp.

This listing is for a 9.9HP - 20HP outboard.

Once fitted this propeller guard will protect you from major injury or death with coming into contact with a moving propeller. This guard is a must around small children, beginner boat drivers or any boat that could be around people swimming in the water.

Propeller Guard - How it works?


What is a Propeller Guard?

The Propeller Guard is a two piece plastic injection molded cage with no moving parts, no electrical wiring, and no hydraulic hoses that will completely cover the propeller. The Propeller Guard is attached by a specially designed clamp system and bolts. The Propeller Guard’s two halves are attached like a clam shell to the cavitation plate and the skeg of any outboard motor. The easy installation can be accomplished by anyone with simple tools in about 20 minutes.

How does the Propeller Guard make a vessel safer?

There are no “minor” propeller accidents. The Propeller Guard is designed to protect against injury and accidents as well as protecting your propeller. Boat propeller injuries, if not fatal, are usually severe and disfiguring, resulting in prolonged disability and permanent impairment requiring costly medical, surgical and rehabilitative services.

Installation of the Propeller Guard on all propellers would greatly reduce prop blade injuries to humans and marine life.


  • Ensures the safety of family, friends, divers and marine life
  • Protects the propeller when used around rocks and underwater hazards
  • Allows safe operation in shallow waters
  • Less chance of the rope tangling in the propeller
  • Instils confidence in learner drivers

How is the Propeller Guard different from other propeller guards?

The differences of the Propeller Guard over the current market propeller protectors are many. First, the Propeller Guard is made out of a light weight but strong, high impact, flexible injection molded plastic. This allows the guard to work without having the heavy weight and danger of the metal guards that are on the market today. Metal guards can corrode, and with a hard hit, the metal guard can be pushed into the propeller causing possible propeller damage. Besides propeller damage, the metal cage can break into metal fragments that could cause personal injuries and gear box damage.

The purpose for the Propeller Guard is to provide a product that will protect a family from deadly propeller accidents.

As you can see, the Propeller Guard is a well designed product which offers many benefits to the boating industry.

Note: This product is not designed to protect the propeller or outboard motor leg from rock, debris or sand damage.

Prop Guard Installation Instructions

Time required: About 25-30 minutes. Don't be in a hurry!

Tools needed: Drill, 5/16" bit, 1/2" box end or socket wrench, C-clamps or Grip clamps.

  1. Place the Propeller Guard on the underside of the cavitation plate. Align the guard so that equal distance exists between the guard and the prop when the propeller revolves inside the guard. The Propeller Guard should be positioned as far forward on the cavitation plate as possible. Note: The mounting surface of the guard should remain flat against the cavitation plate. The use of a hand file may be needed to remove any imperfections in the lower surface of the cavitation plate and the lower skeg. ALIGN TRIM TAB UNDER CAVITATION PLATE IN A STRAIGHT INLINE DIRECTION. INSTALLATION OF 13" & 14" MUST NOT EXCEED 32KPH AT THIS TIME.
  2. Clamp the guard to the cavitation plate using C-clamps or Grip clamps. Insert bolts, washers and nuts through bottom of pre-drilled holes at bottom of rings and loosely tighten.
  3. Make certain that the guard is square with the cavitation plate, propeller and lower skeg. Propeller must be surrounded by the Propeller Guard, you may need to slide the Propeller Guard forward (PG) forward or aft for proper propeller clearance.
  4. Drill 2, 3 or 4 holes (see chart above) through the cavitation plate and guard on each side. Insert bolts, washers and nuts as illustrated and loosely tighten.
  5. Drill 1 to 2 holes (see chart above) through lower skeg, per illustration. Insert bolt, washer and nut, tighten securely. Now tighten cavitation bolts and then remove the clamps.
  6. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:Make sure your motor is trimmed to obtain maximum performance of your Propeller Guard.

Propeller Guards will fit all Manufacturers Outboards. Note: All hp's with Big Foot & High Thrust applications require next size up.

ALL APPLICATIONS of the 13" and 14" Prop Guards are for PONTOON AND DECK BOATS, and any other application that the vessel does not exceed 40kph.

To obtain optimal performance out of your motor with the Propeller Guard installed, you may need to change your propeller diameter: 9" Propeller Guard up to 8.5" prop, 11" Propeller Guard up to 10.5" prop, 13" Propeller Guard up to 12.5" and 14" Propeller Guard up to 13.5" prop.


Whats in the box:

  • 1 X Propeller Guard 9.9 - 20HP



Model # PG9
Barcode # 9358804001886
Brand Prop Guard Marine
Artist / Author Outboard Propeller Guard - 9.9HP to 20HP - Boat Marine Prop Safety Black
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.200m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.330m
Unit Of Measure ea
Type Outboard Propeller Guard - 9.9HP to 20HP - Boat Marine Prop Safety Black
Format Outboard Propeller Guard - 9.9HP to 20HP - Boat Marine Prop Safety Yellow


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