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When it comes to the boating essentials, few things are more important than the motor itself. The most common method for propelling a small to medium-sized watercraft is via an outboard motor. This is a self-contained unit that features an engine, gearbox, and propeller drive all in one. Therefore, all the user has to do is attach it to the outside of the craft transom and away you go. However, when it comes to a purchase of such importance, one that affects the entire performance of the boat, it is pivotal to guarantee quality above all else.

That is where ePropulsion comes in! An idea born back in 2012, the minds behind ePropulsion have worked tirelessly to change the game of boating drive systems. They claim that they want to make a difference to the world by innovating the popular motor, with a clear aim to protect the planet while also promoting water-based activity. Not only are ePropulsion motors better for the environment, but they also require almost no maintenance. This ensures that you get a premium electric boating experience, within having to invest time into installation and repairs.

The company was founded with core expertise in engineering electric drive and propulsion systems by using lithium batteries for electric outboard motor, electric marine drive, electric propulsion and marine lithium batteries. Meaning that you are guaranteed top-quality, efficient, and reliable products. Mr Boats is now proud to stock the very latest and greatest in ePropulsion technology. When it comes to outboard motors, we recommend looking at the ePropulsion Vaquita Spirit 1.0, ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 PLUS, ePropulsion Navy 6.0, ePropulsion Navy 3.0 series and ePropulsion PD drive series.

The ePropulsion electric outboard motor is not only an investment in your boat, but it also an investment in your marine experience. Power, reduced noise, reduced pollution, less time on maintenance, top-class performance, reliability; you really do get it all with the ePropulsion product range. The motor itself even slows down or stops completely when it becomes tangled with something below the water, minimising your downtime and reducing the chance of any long-term damage.

This means that you are on the water for longer, rather than being stuck with the mechanic. These outboard motors are perfect for cruising, fishing, and other water activities. For the best ePropulsion electric outboards on the market, head to Mr Boats today for a simple online order and delivery service.

About ePropulsion

ePropulsion aims to be the global leader in marine electric propulsion systems and services. ePropulsion is dedicated to providing high-quality electric outboard motors that are eco-friendly, quiet, and low maintenance. Used in the pleasure, fishing, and commercial marine markets since 2012, ePropulsion products have proven quality and performance.